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Joshua Tree I

  • Description
    This is one part of a 3 part series of 35mm film photos called the California Desert. They are all simple, understated, and imperfect. There's a lot of dust left from an amateur scan, blurring due to a fast moving car and slow shutter speed, and about a dozen other imperfections that professional photographers would set out to hang me for, but that's what I love so much about them. They remind me that it's ok to be imperfect. That there's even beauty in it. These were taken as the sun sank too low for my 30+ year old Minolta camera to handle, so I pushed the film 3 stops to compensate. I fired off 36 shots within 6 minutes--the final 10 photos being a blurry dark mess. They all mean something to me though, even those final 10. They represent the end of an era for me--a fade to black--and the beginning of a new one.
  • Details

    MaterialsMatte photo paper

    Dimensions 14"x11"

    Framing 24"x36" black frame with custom matting

    Limited Run 5

  • About the Artist
    Mason Thurman has been enthusiastically entrenched in the entertainment industry for over a decade. His love for film, television, and everything creative lured him into the industry at an early age. Born into a family of musicians, agents, and actors in Nashville, Tennessee, it's no surprise that he followed suit and entered a similar arena. Mason began his career with top talent agency in Atlanta, Georgia shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2015. He began as an assistant and quickly developed the skills and knowledge that would launch him forward. Mason has a keen eye for talent and shares the same affinity and passion for the work as his clients do. Mason currently heads the commercial and print divisions for one of the biggest Southeastern talent agencies, Atlanta Models and Talent.