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  • Description

    For this image I was inspired by color and texture. Juxtaposing the subjects hair and freckles against the lush green of the surroundings created the contrasting color palette that I was looking for. I’m often inspired by unique subjects and how to best blend them with the natural surroundings or a natural element. This is a signature element in my artwork and allows me to explore places with my subjects and leaves us open to spontaneity.

    Photographed in Elysian Park in Los Angeles, California this image was a beauty series done with musician and model Kacy Hill in 2012. The theme of this shoot centered around Kacy’s unique features and natural beauty.

  • Details

    Materials Matte photo paper

    Dimensions 48"x36"


    Limited Run 5

  • About the Artist
    Michelle Calloway is an American photographer and filmmaker born in Waterloo, Iowa and currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida. Her artwork can be characterized by the use of photographic mediums, both digital and analog, to create contemporary portraits of models, artists, celebrities as well as everyday people. In both her commissioned assignments and portrait work, her careful approach and love for the powerful gaze aims to connect the viewer more deeply with her subjects.