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Saint Cornelius

  • Description

    Don Cornelius stood up to the shackles of Systemic Racism in American before it became the rallying call it is today. When he founded Soul Train in 1970, he wanted a forum “black people depicted on television in a positive light.” The commercials aired to support the show were some of the only Black commercials on TV at the time. Many of the artists he promoted couldn’t get airtime anywhere else prior to his endorsement. The hurdles and obstacles he overcame to make Soul Train not only the longest running syndicated television show to this date but to help launch careers from James Brown to Destiny’s Child are a testament to the man’s dedication to civil rights. This elever-layer stencil is one of two remaining from a series of six.

  • Details

    Materials Acrylic & Aerosol on Canvas

    Dimensions 24"x30"

    Weight 4lbs

  • About the Artist
    Theo Copeland, aka rap artist brokeMC, currently resides in Greenpoint, NY. He aims to maintain an honesty in his artwork, which is evident in his authentic style. Through his use of Slanguage, he explores the meaning cultural icons have in the present day. Theo lifts up our “unsung heroes” and does justice to their legacy through his work.