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  • Description

    Forgiveness is a delicacy. Often, forgiveness looks like placating hurt feelings. Yours or theirs. Forgiveness is certainly not forgetting. That is just not how our minds function. We are wired to recall pain so we are less likely to reexperience those instances. Forgiveness is reclaiming of power, whether you’re forgiving yourself or someone else. We forgive so that we can move forward with our lives without letting the trauma of the loss, hurt, or pain linger and distract us. To forgive is to understand, to find compassion for the Why (the brokenness behind the action) to let go of the What (the action). Forgiveness is never linear and always messy. Forgiveness is the messy exploration to joy, shame, sadness, resilience, acceptance, and love. 

  • Details

    Materials Acrylic, Resin, Organic Movement on a hand-stretched canvas.

    Dimensions 50"x84"

    About the Series Shades of Atman, or shades of the soul, is an exploration of how emotions manifest on a sensory level. The series is inspired by an emotional literacy and mindfulness exercise Hannah-Rose taught in Atlanta Public High Schools called, emotional body mapping. Each piece is a meditation on an emotion, followed by an exploration of how that emotion manifests through sensations in the body, color, and movement.

  • About the Artist
    Hannah-Rose Broom has always been a person who feels deeply and viscerally. Using her signature process of Organic Movement, she expresses each emotion has a value in her mixed media. She feels Dark and Light are neither good nor bad. No matter the emotion, the feeling is valid and in that validity there is something from which to learn or at least examine.