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Our Story

MYTH: Artists are struggling.

FACT: Artists change the way we see the world.

Welcome to Frame Worthy Gallery. We're an art gallery that showcases beautiful artwork created by film and television industry artists.

On one hand, artists touch every detail of our daily lives, every item you own, every ad you see, virtually everything around you has been impacted in some way by the arts.

On the other hand, the grind is REAL when you choose to become an artist for a living. Working restaurant jobs, gigs, driving services, food delivery, nannying, trivia night at your local pub, you name it. If you are an artist, there's a good chance you're hustling.

Between marketing, shipping logistics, website creation, and customer service, to name a few, it can be a little overwhelming to sell your art these days to say the least. 

Our goal is to help Our Team follow their dreams within the industry by taking over the "left-brain" work so they can focus on the creative stuff.

At Frame Worthy Gallery, we’re just as passionate about helping our clients express themselves as we are our artists. Whether you are looking to add a pop of color to your home, make your office uniquely yours, or add a little piece of “Hollywood” to your wall, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome, we can't wait to meet you.