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Cleansing Wave

  • Description

    Cleansing Waveis an abstract representation of overcoming diversity. Waves bring force and resistance but also bring the promise of change, and a purifying cleanse. The muddier, darker colors in this palette represent resistance, adversity and prejudice. The muted purples, blues, and thick layers of white offer a sense of peaceful renewal. Cleansing Wave acts as a reminder for those who have overcome great difficulty, or for others who need the assurance that they are more capable than they realize.

  • Details

    Materials Oil on Canvas

    Dimensions 36"x36"

  • About the Artist
    Kai Grebe graduated from Kennesaw State University’s College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. She focuses on the human condition while incorporating emotions with the physical figure to add a multidimensional component. Kai currently resides in Marietta, Ga.