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Marian II

  • Description

    This is the second in a series of two polaroid images that were an exploration of a larger series. As an artist I often times use multiple format to capture an entire scene. These were taken on a vintage hasselblad given to me by my grandfather who purchased it in the 70’s. The joy of this medium is that the image itself creates an added layer of surprise and depth. For these images I allowed my subject to move freely against the sharp rocks of her surroundings. I wanted to create a feeling of poetry within her movements and capture a fleeting moment that I was able to capture. I often times like when my subjects are free to move and explore within the work. I find it can create wonderful surprises and unique imagery.

    Photographed at Matador Beach in Los Angles, California this location is know for its picturesque coastline and natural rock formations. This image was created in 2012 as a designer collaboration. The garments are all hand crafted and part of a collection.

  • Details

    Materials Matte photo paper

    Dimensions 5"x6"

    Framing Oversized mat with black frame.

    One-of-a-kind original

  • About the Artist
    Michelle Calloway is an American photographer and filmmaker born in Waterloo, Iowa and currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida. Her artwork can be characterized by the use of photographic mediums, both digital and analog, to create contemporary portraits of models, artists, celebrities as well as everyday people. In both her commissioned assignments and portrait work, her careful approach and love for the powerful gaze aims to connect the viewer more deeply with her subjects.