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PRINT | Two Headed Girl

  • Description

    The artist has combined her love of history and of oddities to create, Two Headed Girl.

    There was a time people gathered to gawk at things and people different to them. It was often cruel and incredibly inappropriate by today’s standards. (That’s not to say it still does not happen.) However, the people that worked in sideshows and freak shows were astounding. Stephen Bibrowski, “Lionel the Lion Faced Man”, was said to have spoken five different languages and was incredibly intelligent. These were not just acts, they were multifaceted people. The two headed girl is an image that has been reimagined many times over the years. They’re often depicted in a vintage circus or sideshow setting, which admittedly the artist does find compelling.Elle says, "When I painted them I decided I would like to give them a little break and place them in a modern setting; vibing out and having a good time."

  • Details

    Materials Fine art giclée print on high quality, smooth 100% cotton rag archival paper. 300 GSM

    Dimensions 8"x10"

    Limited Run 20

  • About the Artist
    Eleonore Dendy has always had a love of illustration and cartoons. She believes so much can be said through animation and simplistic drawing, which is evident in her artwork. Often drawing inspiration from children’s literature as well as the strange and macabre; her artwork tackles difficult subject matter through a childlike lens. Eleonore uses her unique perspective and style to serve as a tool for confronting the harsh realities we face in life.