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Saint Vonnegut

  • Description

    In a career spanning over 50 years, American writer Kurt Vonnegut published fourteen novels, three short story collections, five plays, and five works of nonfiction. His prose was largely influenced by his experience as a soldier in WWII where he survived the bombing of Dresden. His sardonic humor reverberated through his work, poking fun at human nature and folly. This stencil, from an edition of 5, was painted on a collage of actual pages from his iconic novel “Cat’s Cradle.”

  • Details

    Materials Acrylic, Aerosol, & Book Pages on Canvas

    Dimensions 24"x48"

    Weight 4lbs

  • About the Artist
    Theo Copeland, aka rap artist brokeMC, currently resides in Greenpoint, NY. He aims to maintain an honesty in his artwork, which is evident in his authentic style. Through his use of Slanguage, he explores the meaning cultural icons have in the present day. Theo lifts up our “unsung heroes” and does justice to their legacy through his work.