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  • Description

    A vessel lost at sea has long been a subject of visual exploration. Maybe it’s the symbolism of human vs. nature, the isolation and storms, the secrets of the depths below, the tales of adventure and discovery. At this point, Humanity has not only sailed to and pillaged the four corners of the Earth, but we remain blissfully ignorant of the unfolding repercussions for our greed and arrogance in the face of Nature. A sinking ship is an appropriate reflection of the current zeitgeist until we address the undue weight of our appropriations and seek to restore the balance.

  • Details

    Materials Acrylic & Aerosol on Canvas

    Dimensions 18"x24"

    Sinking Series This is one part of a four part series.

  • About the Artist
    Theo Copeland, aka rap artist brokeMC, currently resides in Greenpoint, NY. He aims to maintain an honesty in his artwork, which is evident in his authentic style. Through his use of Slanguage, he explores the meaning cultural icons have in the present day. Theo lifts up our “unsung heroes” and does justice to their legacy through his work.